BimBam Recommended for you. Thanks to the Bracha of Moshe, thanks to the response of Hashem, thanks to the promises in our Torah – עם ישראל חי. More. In this Virtual Tisha B’Av box, we share insights that help us acknowledge the past and face the present and future. Tisha B’av - Program 623 - Living Torah - Video SEARCH Entire … I don't really have an unopened "box of grief" (the idea sounds a bit neurotic). Kinnos. Tisha B'Av is the day that Solomon’s temple destroyed in 586 BC, but astonishingly, also the second temple was destroyed on 9th Av 70 AD - on exactly the same date, on exactly the same spot. Torah Readings for Tishah B'Av Tishah B'Av allows us to express heartfelt grief over the loss of Zion and therefore over the frailty of our human condition. In the Kinos, the liturgy that is recited for hours on Tisha B’Av morning, we refer to the many travails that Jews have suffered throughout history — the Crusades, the expulsion from Spain, the Chmielnicki massacres, and many more. As we watch, listen and read, may we find comfort together, and dig deep for strength to pass through mourning, rise from the ruins, and walk together into the future. Rabbi Michel Twerski:Tisha B'Av. Categories • Rabbi Michel Twerski • Yomim Tovim • Tisha B\'Av . Tisha B'Av: Doing Nothing By Rabbi Jay Kelman , August 12, 2016 Because of Kamtza and Bar Kamtza Jerusalem was destroyed.” (Gitin 55b) So begins the most famous Talmudic story relating to the destruction of the Temple and exile of the people, a story epitomizing the sinnat chinam that had taken hold amongst the people of Israel. Tisha B'Av: From Destruction to Salvation through Unity - Rabbi Fischel Schachter - Duration: 47:25. A very useful document with the order of service for shaharit on weekdays, Rosh Hodesh, Tisha B'Av and other fast days with page numbers in a variety of different siddurim, including Koren Sacks, ArtScroll and Sim Shalom. Tisha B’Av, the 9th day of the month of Av, is the saddest day on the Jewish calendar, on which Jewish people fast, deprive themselves and pray. In Judaism, Tisha B’Av (Hebrew: תשעה באב ), “the Ninth of Av,” is an annual fast day. Rabbi Michel Twerski:Tisha B'Av 2. 55:26. Here’s a list: According to traditional reckoning, on this day the spies brought back their evil report and persuaded the people of Israel not to go up into the Land as God had commanded them to … ... Tisha B'Av. Free Torah shiurim Downloads - This site was created to harness the power of the Internet to be Marbitz Torah. 25-29 and 37-38). Adult Programs . 5-11) but focuses primarily on the unanswerable question of the suffering of the innocent and appeals explicitly to ancestral merit, singling out the tests of Abraham and the Binding of Isaac (ll. Tisha B'Av Morning. Torah Study on Tisha B'Av . Click here for the details.. ... There’s the proud Bar Mitzvah boy reading the Torah but the missing Zaidy who passed away too young. MyJLI. This week: Shavuot/Nasso Seeing Sound The King's Torah Scroll Revealing Our Inner Essence The Date of Matan Torah Accepting Two Torahs The Lesson of Mount Sinai A Pure Revelation Like an Apple Tree Rav Kook Torah Tisha B'Av: The Beauty of the Universe × Search Rav Kook Torah. TorahAnytime Tisha B'Av Live Events 2020 All times are approximate as speakers might arrive late. During this time it is appropriate to grieve over our sins and to shed tears that attest to lev nishbar ve'nikdeh, a "broken and crushed heart" (Psalm 51:17). If the 9th of Av falls on a Saturday, the fast is postponed until the 10th of Av. Torah service and haftarah supplement for fast days. Torah sections that are part of the daily davening may be recited, since they are standard and don’t cause delight (e.g. Tisha B’Av (the ninth of Av, which falls this year on August 14) is a day in the history of Israel that is filled with destruction. What is Tisha B'av: The Jewish Day of Mourning - Duration: 4:11. There will not be a shiur this Motzei Shabbos as Rabbi Kessin is attending the weekend conference of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation. It is the culmination of the Three Weeks, a period of time during which we mark the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Tisha B'Av will occur on the following days of the secular calendar: The Prohibition of Torah Study on Tish'a Be-av. For instance, the Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chaim 559:4) rules that since Tisha B’Av is defined as a mo’ed, Tachanun is not recited on Tisha B’Av. Morning service order and page numbers. (And is an aveil also forbidden to learn Torah?) It is the ninth day (Tisha) of the month of Av – hence the name. Chassidus on the theme of Tisha b’Av may be studied, even if it veers into other topics, though some preclude in-depth study. • Rabbi Michel Twerski • Yomim Tovim • Tisha B\'Av . Educators say that as we get older we have to repeat over and over until the simplest learning registers. The ark (cabinet where the Torah is kept) is draped in black. Tisha B'Av is never observed on Shabbat. The content of her prayer strongly recalls conventional Tisha b’Av laments: [9] she outlines the justice behind the punishment already meted out (ll. Question: Since learning Torah on Tisha B’Av is forbidden, why are we allowed to read from the Torah at Shacharit and Mincha of Tisha B’Av? Torah in Motion 3910 Bathurst Street, Suite 307 Toronto, ON M3H 5Z3 Canada Tel: (416) 633-5770 Toll Free: (866) 633-5770 [email protected] Torah in Motion (Canada): 890695349RR0001 Torah in Motion USA: 501(c)(3) Torah in Motion Travel: TICO reg #: 50022047 By Rav Moshe Taragin. Rabbi Schacter's Previous Tisha B'av Webcasts 2018 Kinnot • 2018 Shiur 2017 Kinnot • 2017 Shiur 2016 Kinnot • 2016 Shiur 2015 Kinnot • 2015 Shiur 2014 Kinnot • 2014 Shiur 2013 Kinnot • 2013 Shiur 2012 • 2011 • 2010 2009 • 2008 • 2007 Live Streams can also be accessed through your Mobile browser, (Kabbalat Shabbat, July 24 / 4 Av. to End. In the haftarah [reading from the Prophets] of the morning (which is chanted in the same mournful melody as Eicha), Jeremiah speaks of the despair of the Israelites, describing Jerusalem as a total wasteland.. During the afternoon Mincha service, the mood of Tisha B’av becomes more hopeful.Tallit and tefillin are worn at this service. Close. Tisha B’Av – Soul and Sole Rabbi Nachman of Breslov explains how observing the Torah law of not wearing leather shoes on Tisha B’Av brings a person tremendous spiritual repair and light. Bring Me Home - Tisha B'Av 2017 - Duration: 1:04:51. Sometimes we want to reach out to others but it feels like there is so much in the way. Tisha B’Av is a culmination of three weeks of communal mourning and is in itself a full day of sadness and remembrance. Chumash. On Tisha B’Av, unlike any other occasion, except for the “Shiva,” the seven-day period of mourning for a loved one, there exists a prohibition to study the Torah. Rav Moshe Taragin; Special Holiday Shiur . Afternoon of the 8th of Av. Torah Media Atlanta – Audio Shiurim. With few exceptions, the prohibition continues until the end of the fast. ... Torah Box 3,770 views. The Jewish Memorial Day, The Fast of the Ninth of the Jewish month of Av, Tisha b'Av, marks the end of a three week period of mourning during which our people remember the series of events that led to the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem and the destruction of our … Scenes from the morning prayers on the fast of Tisha B’av, which that year fell out on Shabbos and was observed on Sunday. "Tisha B’Av", means the 9th day of the Jewish month of Av. Rabbi Goldhar's Crash Course on Tisha B'Av is very clear and most understandable and done extrememly well as a "crash course". 47:25. Uplift your Tisha B’av this year with Project Inspire’s new feature film about the inspiring Ahavas Yisrael of Rabbi Shlomo Friefeld zt’l and Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald zt’l. The gemara in Ta'anit (30a) asserts that the same laws and prohibitions which apply during a person's period of mourning for a deceased relative pertain also to Tish'a … Notice. But Tisha B'Av says we all contribute to a society in which destruction and evil takes place, and that is what we are mourning." Tisha B’Av, the 9th day of the month of Av, is the saddest day on the Jewish calendar, on which we fast... Video. Pesach Torah in a Box ; Chol Hamoed 5780 ; Sidrei Mishna:Torah in a Box ; Programs. Hidabroot - Torah & Judaism 497 views. Tisha B’Av’s categorization as a mo’ed is not simply a homiletic device; this classification has halachic consequences as well. This Bracha by Moshe Rabenu is read by us every year on the Shabbat immediately prior to Tisha B’av, a day on which we recall successive attempts to destroy the Jewish people. eizehu mekoman, pitum haketores). The restriction against studying Torah —other than sections that discuss the destruction of the Temples or other sad topics—commences at midday on the eve of the fast. Watch the full service here: ) List of Dates. 1 min. Tisha B’Av begins the evening of … I’m looking forward to Tisha B’Av this year. ... Candidly, I'm not looking forward to Tisha b'Av. Text: Likutey Halakhos, Even HaEzer, Yibum 3, Paragraph 10 Mid. This year, the Torah Portion Dvarim is being read on shabbat just before Tisha B’Av – the saddest day on the Jewish calendar. Note: Special rules and certain variations apply if Tisha B’Av falls on Shabbat or Sunday. Return To: Moadim. Tisha B'Av, Weekly Takeaway A Child and a Suit (Shabbat Chazon) July 26, 2017. Reflections on Tisha Bav-Why Do We Still Mourn the First Temple (Mechina 5777) Month of Av: Tisha B’Av and Tu B’Av Posted on July 15, 2015 by K. Gallagher “The Lord has rejected all my strong men In my midst; He has called an appointed time [moed] against me to crush my young men; The Lord has trodden as in a wine press The virgin daughter of Judah. More.