I’m in the same boat about the same two trainers. No worries, not a normal person problem. It is unusable with ERG. With firmware version 067 this was not an issue. Good luck anyway. Great A. Road-feel: the heavier flywheels that direct-drive trainers have offer more inertia effect replicating better outdoor riding. As usual, I put the trainer up against a number of power meters to see how well it handled everything from resistance control accuracy, to speed of change, to any other weird quirks along the way. You’ll want to pair it up as a controllable trainer (which will also pair it as a power meter) – as seen above. You can do it yourself, but new software is needed and you won’t get it. I say ‘quite’ happy as it’s a lot better than the Elite Novo smart trainer I’ve just sold but very similar as well. Wahoo Kickr Core or XR? Insgesamt ist der Elite Direto XR ein leistungsstarker Rollentrainer und eigent sich bestens für das Indoor Training. Elite Direto X. Just to be clear — If you click on the description link it cycles back to the article. For example, it’ll now replicate grades of 24%. In addition to that, you can also activate via My E-Training (the first time is enough) the Power Meter Link feature, which allows you to connect the trainer to a separate power meter and use that information as the source of power data. Do u have the latest update on phone and MyEtraining app? So I’m riding bigger hills than you (and most ppl, I guess) both in real life and in zwift . Regarding your cassette, the derailleur will be somehow misaligned while using the standard cassette on the Direto XR. Just to comment on a couple other areas – the Suito + chain noise is too loud to use in the same room as someone else trying to be on a Zoom call. 100 Watt mehr als die des Tacx Neo 2T und 500 Watt höher als die des Wahoo KICKR Core. Much faster than my old Tacx Flux1. If they’re shifting, they’ll see more fluctuations, etc… Are they oddly getting up and trying to sprint, etc… Even some apps do weird things with supposed ERG mode. Could you write us explaining your experience in ERG mode? I have Tiagra, the trainer came with a 105 cassette, so I swapped it with a brand new one I bought. I think this response/comment got threaded a bit…but no worries. Ja, das ist er. Imagine a road going up, steeper and steeper. Thx a lot for your answer, but it’s odd, I am connected through ANT+ FE-C on windows, and I don’t see the wrench… According to your link I should see it both in ANT+ FE-C and bluetooth ? And the noise was actually from the derailleur as well. That said, it’s a bit of a spec battle for the sake of battling. Here is a video we did earlier this year comparing rollers // wheel-on trainers // direct-drive trainers. I ‘m running a white industries crank at 42×26 ( I would have gone with a 24 if it was not the limit of shimano 16 tooth gap) so should I run on the 26 or the 42 ? In the fit file later on I got a constant speed. First, it's got wheel locks (so the darn thing stays put), and second, it has two water bottle holders (also useful for putting other things like remotes). I’ve read pretty much every review of yours for direct drive smart trainers including the comments. Alle Details im Test. I can only barely (maybe) break 1,000w for a second or two, and even most front of the non-pro pack cyclists aren’t going to top 1,800w. once you get up to that speed, Zwift will advice to stop pedaling. Elite: For example, it’ll now replicate grades of 24%. ELITE: It is clear though that there’s improvements around the firmware, beyond just hardware. Haven’t used the Direto yet, but I’d strongly advise against getting the Drivo II; there’s no support for it, there’s never been a firmware update, and there were major issues with the ERG mode. Between all these standards you can basically connect to anything and everything you’d ever want to. Only the front derailleur will work marginally worse. Bluetooth Smart FTMS (Trainer Control): This allows apps to control the Direto XR over Bluetooth Smart (with cadence/power data). Ist er schwächer als andere oder bekomme ich die gleiche oder sogar mehr Leistung für weniger Geld? When you are in ERG mode they try to hold the specified power. Hi The avg is misleading…filled with 10%+ ramps and flattish hairpins. cobblestones), Support rolldown procedure (for wheel based), Supports ANT+ FE-C (Trainer Control Standard), Supports Bluetooth Smart FTMS (Trainer Control Standard), Supports Multiple Concurrent Bluetooth connections. I’ve just received a Direto XR as a warranty replacement for my Drivo II. I set power smoothing to 6. Being connected on the far-end of all the spinning stuff, how can it possibly know the actual pedalling frequency without knowing which gears you are using? Or a riser too tall means a slight uphill slope. So Zwift is strictly about power output, and not the rotational speed of the flywheel? So some of the intervals I was a little bit less stable than others. Also related, there was a mistake in the original flywheel specs/sheets from Elite, which didn’t actually include the weight of the discs. However, there’s one thing that bothers me. No problem, hope elite can help you sort it out. Like I always say – for me personally, it’s hard to separate the fact that I’m riding indoors from outdoors. Still, Flux had much better, faster and no overshoot ERG mode. link to forum.elite-it.com – Custom enginering of owners. Vor allem soll er dank eines optimierten „Optical Torque Sensors“ die Leistung noch genauer messen (+/–1,5 % statt +/–2 %) und einen stärkeren maximalen Widerstand von nun bis zu 2100 Watt bieten. Also note, I use a riser block with *every* trainer. I suppose levelness on a trainer is a minor consideration in the larger scheme of things, but I found out the hard way it makes a BIG difference if you mess with saddle position on the trainer and later realize something isn’t quite right on a long road ride. Ob das tatsächlich Einfluss auf die längerfristige Haltbarkeit oder Leistung hat, ist schwer zu sagen. In fact, it’s something most of the trainer companies have said – a variant of: What’s really the point? . Das ist nicht schwierig, kann aber auf Dauer nerven, wenn man den Elite Rollentrainer für jede Trainingseinheit auf- und abbauen möchte. I start the video and want to start pedalling, but the trainer doesn’t move with a super high resistance. Here’s my most recent gadget recommendations guide and trainers here – covering almost every category of sports gadgets out there. I have just bough the direto xr and wondering about the cassette. Regards, Correct, it’s no longer being made going forward – the XR is now considered the top dog by Elite. Haribo were though. Is it possible to use the Direto XR with the original 11-speed cassette with a bike with 10-speed without exchanging the original cassette? (The trainer was connected only to my ipad thrugh bluetooth, dont know if that matter but maybe.). Thank you! Leicht, handlich, erschwinglich. I’ve calibrated it multiple times and it just won’t keep consistent power. Thanks for the suggestion though. This means it can match up to an external power meter to provide more finite control of the trainer. Hmm, good catch. Power smoothing was on level six. The good, the bad, and the ugly. In Elite’s case, for this specific issue, they are actually correct. In manchen Jahren setzt die Motivation für die nächste Saison schon ein bevor die alte vorbei ist… Eindrücke aus den ersten Trainingsmonaten mit dem ELITE Direto. I've been using it as my main trainer desk for a long time now and love it. It allows you to compare power meters/trainers, heart rate, cadence, speed/pace, GPS tracks and plenty more. So, I’ll just find the gearing that sounds clean, and do the workout in that gear. I recently updated the Direto XR firmware from version 067 to version 073. I’m feeling now more than ever we need a new field in your comparison tool for product name pronunciation , Like a little speaker icon that’ll pronounce it for you? They know about these trainers and preemptively increase/decrease the power even before the interval starts, to provide consistent experience for their customers. Most gears are completely off, or won’t shift at all. It’s like resistance is set to max and I have to push extremely hard to get up to speed. Most important aspects for me in the following order are: ERG responsiveness, noise and climb simulation. Beine zur Lagerung einklappbar, platzsparend verstaubar. In dieser Zeit kannst du dir einen Überblick verschaffen, mit der Community interagieren und Zwift testen. I suspect the change from Level to ERG mode is what’s causing the issue. The Apple TV remote sucks though. Normally my winter rides are going to work in the wet and rain in the PNW, but with covid and WFH that may be a bit harder to motivate. ANT+ Speed/Cadence Profile: This broadcasts your speed and cadence as a standard ANT+ Speed/Cadence combo sensor Unlimited ANT+ connections, but only a single Bluetooth Smart connection. My Photography Gear: The Cameras and Equipment I Use Daily, DC Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run, and general gear list, Copyright DC Rainmaker - Updated December 18th, 2020 @ 8:06 am, Wired or Wireless data transmission/control, Can electronically control resistance (i.e. Direto X Moment of Inertia = 15800 kgxmm2 Oh, yeah, definitely start pedaling before the video. Aktuelle Info wird geladen... Elite Direto X im Test der Fachmagazine. Narrator: In a strange turn of events, AW is now walking is bike and trainer up the hill…err…garage. Same goes for whatever little I had left in the tank (basically, nothing) for a sprint to the finish: Cadence meanwhile, is mostly very good. Leider befinden sie sich auf der Unterseite der Beine, so dass der Trainer umgedreht werden muss, um an sie heranzukommen. A 1000 foot climb is still a 1000 foot climb. Elite has taken the Suito ‘pull it out of the box and done’ concept from last year, and applied it to the XR. Hi Ray, Here in Portugal I can find the Direto XR and the Kickr Core for about the same price. Thanks Salvatore for the heads-up. I recently bought the Direto XR as my first smart trainer. Why does the MyTraining app specify a circumference of 2070 when most documents show that a 700x23c or 700x25c wheel is actually around 2100. – Cassette compatibility of 8 through 12 speed cassettes (adapters required for XD/XDR/NX/Campy) Zwift Anmeldung und Test: Mit Zwift kannst du auf deinem Computer/MAC und sogar auf dem iPad und iPhone und den aktuellen Android-Smartphones Spaß haben. Rechts daneben sieht man den, aus der gleichen Perspektive fotografierten Rollentrainer mit eingeklappten Standbeinen.Der Elite Direto XR lässt sich platzsparend zusammenklappen. Der Elite Direto XR ist günstiger als andere Trainer mit Direktantrieb. Should I just start pedalling before starting the video? Rechts daneben sieht man den, aus der gleichen Perspektive fotografierten Rollentrainer mit eingeklappten Standbeinen. I like my front wheel to stay put and not aimlessly wiggle around. Das erleichtert es, ihn nach dem Training zu verstauen. Note some trainers do come with them. And the resistance is all over the place too. It’s like trying to move a wall before I can start my training. I used both Zwift and My E-training. My guess here is that due to the temp shift of the room (up about ~8°F/4°C from the previous day), may have contributed to this. Elite hat eine eigene iOS- und Android-App namens Upgrado, um die Firmware des Elite Direto XR zu aktualisieren. The link to the trainer desk review looks bad. C. Rear tyre slippage (or better said the lack of slippage): direct-drive trainers don’t slip during sprints or at high power levels with low RPMs. I’m still hoping that they will come to their senses and release an update if it’s feasible. Alternatively, for everything else on the planet, simply buy your goods from Amazon via the link below and I get a tiny bit back as an Amazon Associate. The cassette included for the direto xr is 11 speed (11-28). You can send the workout to the garmin device (edge or probably the watch can do it too) and follow it from there. I have a few issues I’m trying to resolve and haven’t had any luck yet…. Thanks! I’m not too bothered about if the watts are correct or not as long as they are not drastically too low . Léo. The easiest ones on the small chain rain are okay-ish, some in the middle as well. Frankly, it was spot-on, and so I wasn’t about to dork with it again. Fizik at least, might be an older shoe they no longer carry. Versandkosten: ab 3,95 € Details. I see the wrench only on W10 desktop, not on the Android app. : Indeed it’s been a long journey … Tuo is coming next month … promise … This allows you to do firmware updates of the trainer. ELITE: Thanks for the interest. Here’s the levels being sent (the blue blocks)) by TrainerRoad (in this case via Bluetooth Smart on iPad) and how quickly the Direto XR responded to it: In general, when it comes to ERG mode ‘accuracy’, I’m actually looking at three specific things: A) Base power accuracy: Is the power measurement aspect correct? There’s two ways to look at this. Otherwise sometimes I’d accidentally grab the wrong cycling shoes for a trip or packing or such. I’m in the market for a smart trainer, but direct drive is out of my price range right now. Were any Doritos consumed in the making of this review? What would you choose between this new Direto XR, the Drivo II at 840€, the Kickr Core at 699€ (refurbished or 749€ for a brand new unit), and the Saris H3 at 840€ ? Vielleicht ein ganz klein wenig lauter als der KICKR Core, aber alles in allem ist das vollkommen akzeptabel. I also just put together my complete ‘Gear I Use’ equipment list, from swim to bike to run and everything in between (plus a few extra things). In this configuration, I get the wrench. Can I put the bike on the direto and start cykling, will it work just as good? Shame on me for not figuring it out on my own. – Requires power cable/be plugged in. Of course, that added power comes at a slight increase in price – now $949, but it now includes the cassette pre-installed, saving you money there. It should work without max power smoothing. they recommend you calibrate only using their App as the setting is saved in the trainer itself. Der Direto XR soll einen höheren Tretwiderstand und eine bessere Leistungsgenauigkeit als der Suito bieten, dabei aber benutzerfreundlicher als der Drivo II sein. As you probably know, apps like Zwift, TrainerRoad, SufferFest, Rouvy, Kinomap, and many more all support most of these industry standards, making it easy to use whatever app you’d like. You can create a simple workout in Training Peaks and sync it to your garmin or wahoo head unit, and run it from there. In any case, that’s not a hugely long list of new things, but some of the items in it are big ticket ones – notably the inclusion of a cassette, but also the increased grade simulation. Alright. And yes, the power is very accurate, following exactly what the Quarq DZero reports, with the same responsiveness. I opened a ticket with Elite. First is how quickly it responds to the commands of the application. Between this and CORE, which one would you choose? I recently got the Direto XR and was wondering if there is a way to pair my Garmin HRM-Tri to Zwift. Thanks for the response but I’m not talking about ERG mode; I was just trying to adjust the derailleur. I am not bothered with accuracy since I train only on this trainer. There’s also the axle adapters for thru-axle and standard quick release, plus two spacers in the event you need to swap out the cassette. The entire unit only weighs 16.2kg. 752,95 € inkl. Appreciate it! Until then, whack that play button below to get the whole skinny in one tidy video: And for everything else, you can continue swiping down through piles and piles of text and photos. You’ll have to forgive me, as I’m currently laughing. Good. Die angezeigten Preise beinhalten Rabatte, die durch die Nutzung der Gutschein-Codes auf den Seiten unserer Partner voraussichtlich realisiert werden können. Thank you. We haven’t figured out yet why sometimes users get the wrench icon, it is something you should see with Zwift. I think the Direto comes with a 11-28 cassette. In many European countries when they say ‘Race’ they mean ‘Road Bikes’ (because, logically, most other bikes go on the road like commuter bikes). Er ist günstiger als seine direkten Mitbewerber. So they decrease the resistance in order to keep the requested power. Elite Direto XR Smart Trainer: Details // Ride Review // Lama Lab Test Elite this week introduces the Direto XR smart trainer as their top model indoor cycle trainer. Direct-Drive (interaktives Direktgetriebe), FE-C (Fitness-Equipment-Control), PWR (Power), S&C (Speed & Cadence), Wireless ANT+ (FE-C, Leistung & Geschwindigkeit & Trittfrequenz), Bluetooth (FTMS, Leistung & Geschwindigkeit & Trittfrequenz). Here’s the high level overview: Here’s a closer look at a few different surges as well. But in doing so, this more powerful Direto kills off the Drivo series trainers from Elite, which were Elite’s prior top-dog trainers. …so at the moment the high end trainer from elite is the direto XR? Im direkten Vergleich macht der Elite Direto XR fast schon einen zerbrechlichen Eindruck. Crédit Elite. If you’re trying to decide which unit to buy – check out my in-depth reviews section. Direto XR and Assioma Uno- stabilized (Direto – 239W // Assioma 254W) is this normal?? Not sure which is better value now. it’s Gaetano from Elite. While the box tells you to point it upwards, it’s actually going to slide out from the side once you remove the top, which, works exceedingly well. I’d note though that I did need to go up 1-2 shifts mid-way through on the cassette to get things more stable. Let me know if you can fix it out. While the Suito was pretty darn close last year to the perfect trainer unboxing, this one just seems a tiny bit more polished somehow. Yeah, I don’t think Elite would disagree on max grade being about marketing. It is 15watts difference, if I go higer like 350w, then direto shows 330watss. That’s handy if you’re connecting to Zwift on an Apple TV, due to Apple TV’s two concurrent Bluetooth Smart sensor limitation (plus the Apple TV remote). Meaning – how does it compare to other power meters? Thx. I was so glad I finaly would be able to train indoors. Damit sind jetzt Steigungen von 24% realistisch simulierbar. Although, realistically, you don’t care about that. Elite Direto XR Rol­len­trai­ner schwarz universal. I found good deals on both, with the Saris slightly more expensive by the price of a cassette. Der DIRETO XR erweitert unsere Auswahl an interaktiven Rollentrainern durch ein Modell, welches noch leistungsfähiger, noch stabiler und noch genauer ist als seine Vorgänger. And as always, feel free to post comments or questions in the comments section below, I’ll be happy to try and answer them as quickly as possible. Der Direto XR ist die bereits dritte Auflage des Top-Smarttrainers von Elite. But be mindful of the scale of this particular graph here. great site I’m curious what’s the better option for the rider who is not racing, rides mostly for pleasure, but in bunch rides likes to push himself to the limits. But they said they don’t have such feature and don’t plan to implement it at the moment. It is specified in the review that you can do the spin down calibration from within Zwift, but I can’t see the small wrench icon in the paired devices page when I connect my direto xr. Hi Pvl, On the attached picture, you see the test done by a friend of mine on Kickr Core and by me on the Direto XR. Ciao Elite Direto XR or Wahoo KICKR V5, which is better? Equipment. The trainer hardware is more than capable of doing it better, when doing the crit zone in Zwift, on the rollers, the trainer instantly changes the resistance to match the terrain. For $8, this solves that problem. This is my first trainer, so I’m not sure what to expect to be fair. Thanks. It’s pretty disappointing so far. I’m on the verge of selling the Direto for a H3 because ERG mode is so… marginal. But yeah, gotta add a picture of it for sure! Any thoughts on how they compare for noise – both while pedaling and when coasting (admittedly not common during most Zwift sessions, but still a consideration for me)? Also included is a 30-day trial on Zwift, and the manual you won’t read: There’s a power cord, which measures 2.5 meters: Atop that there’s the front wheel block, which helps keep your front wheel straight, as well as makes the rest of the bike even in height. Der Elite Direto XR ist ein leiser und zuverlässiger Smart-Trainer, der ein gutes Fahrgefühl liefert und für eine genaue Leistungsmessung sorgt. On the underside of the legs are two feet, in case your floor is wobbly. That “9EUR ONE-TIME FEE” as mentioned in the table seems a bit silly.. Couldn’t they just have added that amount to the cost of the unit itself? And as for sound? All it does is stop sweat for getting places it shouldn't (it also helps with vibrations too). I arrived very well to put the bike on the trainer but impossible to connect the trainer via bluetooth or ANT+ (i bought the ant+ dongle) to any of my devices (iphone8/Ipadpro/surfacepro) So sad and almost desperate can anybody help me? Thanks for the winky, Ray, but the first thing I did was change my trainer to 100%. So…the card is basically just telling you to put oil on the cassette (via your chain). The power/accuracy is there, and my Drivo2 has huge range so I don’t have to change gears in ERG mode. Is it possible to put a 148mm boost frame on this trainer? Bedeutet, was wir auf dem Bildschirm sehen, wird vom Trainer fast in Echtzeit umgesetzt. It does not work for everyone, because some still prefer flat setups, but it is worth a simple test, especially if you are experiencing issues with your bike inside (that is comfortable outside). It is something that you can also do on the Direto XR. Rechnung Lastschrift Vorkasse. Direto XR problems with ERG mode. And atop that, there’s little reason most of this matters if you use the defaults in Zwift, because it automatically halves the values anyway. But as a result, the power overshoots the target by over 100W before stabilizing to the desired watts – making the training session much harder to complete. So my question is: would you recommend the new Direto XR (£824) (which is new and reliability is unknown) or the discounted Drivo II (£749.99) (which is now being discontinued and therefore I assume any problems would be difficult to address?). Level axles on that setup may result in overloading on the hands and arms. The first is their Elite My E-Training app, which you can do calibrations from within: As with most trainers, they recommend you warm-up first: And then there’s the Elite Upgrado app – which actually launched in the fall of 2019 for updating Elite trainers (finally!). I wouldn’t mind slightly less noise and faster ERG but e.g. But most of this all boils down to two core methods: ERG Mode: Setting a specific power level – i.e., 220w. Seems a bit hit or miss between brands. I redid the test not using Zwift but using my Garmin Edge 530. And hopefully, since the Direto XR is a tidier Direto X, that we won’t see any manufacturing issues. Based on my testing, even a small amount can lead to improved comfort while seated. Produktinformation. Der Elite Direto XR ist die dritte Generation der smarten Direto Trainer. It’s a linguistics thing actually. Hi Andrei, Maybe the video difference is just due to different recording setup or levels? Elite Direto XR setup. Yes on all fronts. Technically use, but it can be finicky. Received my XR today, sweet and ready to ride right out of the box. Finally, Elite does have their own app that you can use for a handful of functions, but frankly I had no use for it here at any point in the testing cycle. It keeps sending me back to the Elite review? Once I switched to the H3 I had wished I had gotten the Kickr way back when…. Hey Ivo. If trainers or apps don’t support these standards, then it makes it far more difficult for you as the end user. Der Neo 2T Smart T2875 von Tacx bringt es auf steile 25 Prozent und Wahoo bietet den Steigungssimulator Kickr Climb als Zubehör an, der interaktiv mit den Rollen wie dem KICKR SNAP17 und KICKR CORE zusammenarbeitet. First option and common recommendation is to have the front axle level with the rear axle. That’s where I got in trouble installing a new saddle. Last but not least there’s a few configuration options within the Elite My E-Training app. I’ve added the Elite Direto XR into the product comparison database. And even in the recovery interval it is very difficult to ramp up the cadence. – Trainer is now fully assembled out of box (no attaching legs or cassette anymore) 37kph is simply wrong. As always, thanks for helping out! I use 39/25 teeth gearing, bluetooth connection with no other BT in range, no WiFi, no ANT+ connection either. I bought it and the Smart Steering device. Does someone as a solution to this issue? I don’t even mean in ERG mode either. Thank for your reviews there always so complete. As for software updates, the way I see it is that some companies like Garmin releases a lot of updates, but mostly to correct the huge amount of bugs and things that do not properly work when they launch a new device while Wahoo, for instance, releases fewer updates to a properly working unit so I am not really concerned about many software updates as long as the unit works as advertised out of the box. 1.470,- € Tacx T8000 NEO Bike Smart Heimtrainer. So if you intend using the trainer also for outdoor races for warm-ups and cool-downs, then a wheel-on trainer is more suitable. Oh, and you can sign-up for the newsletter here! Then, with the money that I would save with respect to the Direto XR or the Saris H3, I could also buy a good quality front light just in case I wanted to ride outside during autumn/winter. In any case, here’s that comparison chart: And again, as always don’t forget you can mix and match your own trainer product comparison tables using the database here. Muss man dafür Abstriche in der Leistung in Kauf nehmen oder kann der Elite Direto XR mithalten? Ray, is the difference to Gen1 Direto noticeable enough to justify an upgrade? Aww… bummer. You can set it as you like. Then hit up Wiggle at the link below! It’s still a trainer, and I’m still looking at a wall in front of me. Equally, with a wheel-on trainer although there is no wheel assembly, you do need to make sure your tyre is clean and have the right tyre pressure and finally regulate the resistance unit so you apply the correct amount of pressure on your tyre. my weekly podcast - with GPLAMA, which is packed with both gadget and non-gadget goodness! How it feels is entirely up to the trainer. You'll support the site, and get ad-free DCR! And those that do really want it, probably already have a cadence sensor floating around. But an addendum: Modifying the algorithm for a slightly lighter flywheel shouldn’t be too much effort (though likely more than just a multiplication factor). Eine Zahlungsangabe ist in diesem Moment noch nicht nötig. Der Direto XR wird komplett eingerichtet geliefert. It’s as simple as that. And finally, here’s a handy list of trainer accessories that most folks getting a smart trainer for the first time might not have already: There's no better bang for your buck in getting Zwift (or FulGaz/etc) on your big screen TV than Apple TV - it's the primary way I Zwift. When the trainer is unplugged, the brake is automatically set to a minimum percent gradient (say, between 0 and 1) for you to train without electricity, but you can actually choose any resistance you wish by unplugging the trainer while you’re still in the training session.

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